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Loyalty Cards Video

Create an eye-catching loyalty cards video

Offer incentives to your loyal customers with a customised loyalty cards video. Choose from one of Design Wizard’s professionally-designed templates to give your marketing efforts a boost.

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Freshen up your loyalty program

Customise the text in your loyalty cards video in no time at all by clicking on any text box in the design. A pop-up menu will appear that will give you the option to edit the size, type style, colour, alignment and font of the text.

To add shapes to your video, click on ‘Shapes’ and then select triangles, circles and rectangles in solid or outline form. Shapes can be used to create text boxes for CTAs, borders and patterns. You can also choose to make use of straight lines in your design.

Put some vibrancy into your video with the custom colour palette. This palette allows you to select custom colours and save them for using again. This option is very convenient for brands who want to use their company colours in every design.